The ways of cleaning the raw paddy
Time:2020-08-14 14:21     Read:0

At present, there are many methods to clear the impurities in raw rice, including air separation (using the difference of aerodynamic characteristics), screening (using the difference of grain shape and particle size), removing stone (using the difference of relative density), magnetic separation (using the difference of magnetic properties).

Anhui Lucky has vertical air duct and air separator equipped with rotary vibrating screen, which take advantage of the difference of aerodynamic characteristics. This equipment is better with rotary shaker.

The principle of the rotary vibrating screen is to screen the impurities by using the difference of grain shape and particle size, so as to remove the large and small impurities of rice. Anhui Licheng hzxz series plane rotary vibrating screen has large output, good effect and strong stability. The machine uses high and light universal joint, which makes the machine more stable in the process of plane rotation. Wannan motor brand motor is durable. The metal screen frame is easy to remove and replace. Personalized screen to meet the needs of different varieties of customers.

The stone remover is a method to remove impurities with the help of appropriate equipment, which makes use of the differences in physical properties such as relative density, suspension velocity or sedimentation velocity between rice and sand. Dry method is widely used in rice processing plants to remove shoulder stones. The relative equipment is specific gravity stone remover. Anhui Licheng specific gravity stone remover adopts gravity classification, which can divide materials into heavy materials, light materials, sand and miscellaneous materials.

If you are building a rice factory, you are welcome to inquire about the cleaning equipment of the rice factory. Anhui Licheng specialized in grain machinery manufacturing can bring you different customer experience.