Lucky grain machinery paddy precleaner newest model HZXZ 200*300-4L H
Time:2023-11-17 15:44     Read:0


It is suitable for large output initial cleaning, drying and feeding cleaning, and assembly line processing cleaning of rice processing workshop before rice and wheat entering warehouse. It is suitable for cleaning all kinds of paddy, all kinds of scenes and all kinds of requirements of wheat. It is widely used in grain, chemical industry, wine making and other industries, with high overall strength, large output, good cleaning and grading effect, universal joint suspender, strong and durable, with feeding homogenizing device, convenient loading and unloading of metal screen drawer, belt can be replaced without disassembly, imported NSK, bearing lubricating grease can be added without disassembly, remote communication interface, frequency converter can adjust the speed, smooth operation,  with front air aspirator to improve the cleaning effect. Balanced double eccentric block, and the vertical air duct is easier to install.